Utilize clear packing tape as a momentary solution, as this gives an good seal that you can see through. Make certain to clean around the window where the tape will be put on.

A regularly utilized method to repair a broken auto window is to tape a trash over the window. NOTE: it poses a security risk since the driver won’t be able to see from that window. It’s safer to utilize clear tape. Start at the base of the window and use pices of tape that are longer than the window outline. Guarantee that the tape overlaps a fourth of an inch on each piece used, as this gives a stronger seal.

At the point when all the pieces have reached the top the top, examine all the seals to guarantee there are no holes or air pockets. Make sure everything is nice and neat and tightly packed to ensure the most safety.

Take long pieces of tape, and apply them over the majority of the ends of the tape. This strengthens the tape, making it more difficult for it to come off. This ought to take four long strips, as it should be done on each of the four sides of the window outline.