Want to remove your old or broken rear view mirror?

Removing an old or broken rear view mirror varies from car to car. You should make sure the method you are using to remove your rear view mirror is the right method for your car, you don’t want to break anything, so read your cars manual.

Different Ways of installation

Usually you will find instructions in the manual of the maker of your car. There are three different types of rear view mirrors: attached with adhesive, screwed on mirrors, and mirrors that use metal pivots to stay in place.

Attached with adhesive

While using the glue method to reattach your mirror, try to do it on a sunny day when it is really warm outside. This will aid in the adhesive drying out properly. Put the adhesive on the back of your rear view mirror and apply pressure for couple of minutes. Leave your car in the sun for a couple of hours to let it completely dry out.

Rear view mirrors that use screws

When you are dealing with rear view mirror that uses screws, it is essential that you screw on the screw at the right angle or your mirror wont fit. Don’t tighten the screw too tightly or the mirror can fall off while driving.

Mirrors that use pivots

Rear view mirrors that use pivots have an already installed metal bracket at the back. It is vital that the new mirror you bought has the same bracket as the first one, or it won’t fit. You should just try to find the same rear view mirror that you already had when dealing with pivot based mirrors.