The windshield or windscreen of a vehicle is the front window. Present day windshields are for the most part made of laminated glass, a kind of treated glass, which comprises of two bended sheets of glass with a plastic layer covered between them for security. Motorbike windshields are frequently made of acrylic plastic.

Windshields shield the vehicle’s driver from wind and trash, for example, dust, bugs. UV protective coating can be applied to the windscreen, but is pointless as the glass does a really good job of absorbing the UV.

On motorbikes their point is to shield the rider from wind, however not as good as in an auto, while on sports bikes the point is aerodynamics and not wind protection.

Today’s windshields are a security element simply like safety belts and airbags. The installation is done with high grade materials. The glue makes a bond between the glass and the vehicle. If the glue bond weakens on the glass it can lessen the viability of the glass and make your vehicle less safe.