For most people who own a car, the blind spot is isn’t needed, because your side view mirrors can be adjusted according to your needs. But, numerous people do think that its handy to include these little mirrors (some bigger cars and trucks have them pre-installed). You might be wandering what is the best place to put your blind spot mirror.

Why would you need a blind spot mirror?

Regardless of how good you move your side view mirrors, there will always be a spot that you won’t be able to see on either side. Different cars usually have the blind spot in a little bit different place and you have to remember that is not possible to see everything from your mirror. Blind spot mirrors are made to deal with this issue.

Where to put your blind spot mirror?

Blind spot mirrors are usually very easy to install. They are small, round mirrors that go on top of your side view mirror. It is bent in a way so that it will show you the area that your regular side view mirror will not.

The best place to put your blind spot mirror is the spot that troubles you the most during driving. If there is a particular spot that is hard to see for you, then you should place your blind spot mirror they way that lets you see that spot better. It is quite easy to set up your mirror, you just have to try couple of different spots and see how it feels.

Most people like to place their blind spot mirror in the upper left corner of their side view mirror. But it is not the best spot for all cars, so you may need to explore different spots yourself regarding where to put your new mirror keeping in mind that the end goal is to get rid of the nasty blind spot. Some cars don’t benefit from a blind spot mirror, as it may block the view of your side view mirror, in this case the best place for blind spot mirror would be on the passengers side.