Driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous and you are breaking the law doing so. A broken windshield can shatter and fly directly into the driver and other passengers. It also blocks the driver’s vision and permits dampness to leak in. Vehicles windshields are made of specific catalyzed cements that are utilized to shape a synthetic bond to minimize shattering. It isn’t so difficult to replace a windshield yourself. Here’s the way to do it.

1. Purchase the right windshield for your auto from an auto-glass store.

2. Remove thing too close to the windshield e.g. the wipers.

3. Cover all the vents with paper or plastic.

4. Put on defensive gloves, so you don’t get cut by broken glass.

5. Check the elastic around the window for harm. If it’s broken or harmed, you’ll need a new one. If it is in place, take a knife and make an opening in one corner. Put a screwdriver into the opening and run it around the casing to remove it from the glass.

6. Push away the glass from the edge by tenderly pushing the glass from within. A windshield is huge and the glass can break or smash while evacuating it. You may require some help doing it.

7. Wipe the edge to expel all soil or rust.

8. Place the gasket (the old one or another one) around the new windshield.

9. Apply a sealant to the external edge of the gasket and gradually bring down the glass onto the casing.

10. Press the windshield onto the casing, ensuring the gasket fits.

11. Wipe away any exuberance sealant.