Leaking windscreens are brought on by flawed seals around the glass, maybe the glue or sealant are getting old and not working. Depending on the damage you maybe won’t even notice it. A leaking windscreens can make water gather on the dashboard, the rug and even the seats, which can lead to mold in the auto. If the hole isn’t extreme, you can repair it by yourself.

Make sure it’s not something else

There are four ways that water can get into the inside of a car: through an opening in the body of the auto, a break in the windscreen, a defective windscreen seal or the vents. While flawed windshield seals are typically the reason for a defective windshield, look carefully around to make sure that there isn’t any harm to the body itself or the windshield or that water is not spilling into the inside of the auto from the dashboard, since a broken air conditioner can wet the floor.

Repairing the damage

When you discover that your windscreen is leaking, remove the outer seal. Clean everything under the seal very good with something like acetone or lighter liquid. When you have gotten rid of the old glue and cleaned and dried the the windshield, apply new one. Allow the glue to cure/dry for best result put your car in the sun for couple of hours.


Once you’ve repaired the windscreen, check if the leak is repaired or not. If it is still there or you are not sure about the repair, take it to a shop to perform the repair.