If you end up needing your auto windshield replaced you might be wondering how and worried about the expense. Here are some tips for what you have to do to get a bargain and about the handling process.


Figure out What You Really Need. Ordinarily a windshield doesn’t need to be replaced all together because chips and splits can be repaired. If you only have a crack or a chip that is smaller than a dollar bill, then you can probably fix it yourself and save yourself from repair shops.

Contact Your Insurance Company. Your insurance agency may take care of the expense of repair or substitution. The best way to know without a doubt is to get in touch with them to talk about the process or your other options. If your insurance agency will take care of the expense there is no reason to start fixing it yourself.

Be Willing to Wait. Numerous companies offer a service to replace your windshield quickly. But it usually comes with a greater fee, because they have to put their other work on hold for that. If you can survive a couple days without your vehicle then you won’t need to pay for this.

Pay Cash. Ordinarily repair shops will offer a discount on cash. Usually because credit card companies charge them for processing the payments.

Don’t look only at big companies. When you start calling around be sure to include smaller firms as well, they will usually give you a better deal for a better price, if they are not too busy.