Is that stone crack in your windshield truly beginning to irritate you? If you’re not prepared to spring cash for another windshield, you may may be able to repair it with your own hands. You won’t make it like new, but prevent further damage.

We had chips in the windscreens of two of our autos and wanted to know how these repair kits worked our friend sold in his store. While it didn’t make the crack totally vanish, it stopped it in its tracks. You should think of them like more of a bandage than a healing device.

Think Before Acting

Buying a new windscreen can run $200-$500, and you can contract a glass master to come and repair splits, bull’s-eyes and stars for about $75. Their technique is just somewhat superior to what you can do yourself. He will probably have better tools and more knowledge than you, but will essential do the same thing as you would.

There are various windscreen repair kits available, including the appraised Fix-A-Windshield, which contains a plastic extension like those utilized by experts. We attempted a Permatex unit ($11.99) which utilizes a syringe to let some air into of the crack and after that put resin into the region to seal the glass.

The units have practically all that you require for the repair, which will take around a hour to perform. Also, wear latex gloves to keep the resin from reaching your hands, get a towel to wipe away excessive resin after you are done.

Don’t work in direct sunlight and the windshield must not be hot to the touch. After you are done move your car under the sun for a couple of hours for the resin to dry.