How frequently do you look in your mirrors? 5 times? Or 10 if you are a better than average driver, isn’t that so? In reality if you check your mirrors less than 10 times a minute, then you should check more often. This includes checking all your mirrors. Checking only while driving is not enough, you ought to likewise be checking your mirrors before you start moving, while you are halted, before switching to another lane, and previously, then after a turn. Mirrors are not only for checking if your makeup is OK.

Why should you check your mirrors to such an extent?

For one thing, this does not mean you have to be constantly looking in your mirrors, since then, to be honest, you would miss is happening on the road. You basically need to look in each of the three mirrors like clockwork. Thusly, you are keeping yourself mindful of everything going ahead and around you, this way you will be a good and safe driver. For example, how about we simply say you look in your mirrors and notice a truck coming up behind. After five seconds, that truck is not there anymore. Where did it go? If you can’t find it in any other mirror, then it doesn’t mean it’s gone, it can be in your blind spot. You likewise need to know about what vehicles are around you so that if you do need to maneuver quickly, you will know which path you can move to or if it is better to hit the brakes.

Another reason that you have to check your mirrors so regularly is your memory is most likely not as extraordinary as you think it may be. A great many people can’t even say correctly what they just saw in the mirror if asked. If you need to test yourself, have one of your friends ask you, when you least expect it. You will most likely need to look in the mirrors again just to answer them, which isn’t such a terrible thing since it has presumably been five seconds at any rate.

So whenever you are driving, try to make a habit of looking in all your mirrors and not just the rear view mirror. This way you will minimize the chance of getting into an accident by quite a lot.